Tiggy’s Trust Projects

Mental Health

Mental health is a crisis of our times and a cause Tiggy was passionate about. We plan to offer financial assistance to a mental health charity. 

The Trust will seek to work with a charity that aligns to Tiggy’s values and focuses on the mental health and wellbeing of young people.  

An  announcement regarding the selected charity will be made shortly.


In addition we want to create a truly inclusive environment  for young equestrians, so that they learn to develop the skills to support each other within a competitive environment.

Tiggy competed internationally on many occasions  firstly in working hunter competing at Hoys as a 9 year old, and then in eventing where she gained a team bronze medal for Ireland in 2019.  

Tiggy gained huge perspective, knowledge, inspiration and deep motivation from her trips abroad. In addition she learnt through experience to  understand the additional pressures and excitement  when representing her country.

Competing abroad even on an individual basis brought sportsmanship, friendship and a depth of competition understanding that the Trust wants to extend to many other young equestrians.

The Trust is working on a project that will enable us to select and invite several equestrians across a range of disciplines to  compete abroad and experience the thrill and challenges of competing on an international stage. It will focus on individuals who have yet to compete abroad. 

In addition, the Trust is in discussions with other charities and organisations who offer education and opportunities in various aspects of equestrianism to  children who are without opportunity. Through these activities the Trust  aims to broaden horizons and empower these children for a better future.


Our aim is to bring together young equestrians in a supportive community. The Trust will provide, facilitate and fund training with elite coaches for a select number of motivated young equestrians who are at grass roots level and currently don’t have access to these resources. 

The Trust will offer the young equestrian community some of the training opportunities that made Tiggy an all round elite athlete, and enabled her to perform to the very best of her ability.