Blair Trip 2023

💛 We are so excited to announce our Rider Development programme which Tiggy would so love. Travelling  abroad to compete at International shows was an absolute passion for Tiggy and the skills learnt both as a rider and caring for her ponies were crucial to her competitive career  

💛 Under the Rider Development programme  Tiggy’s Trust is offering this golden opportunity to other young riders – these riders will learn the skills required to travel, mind  and care for their horses whilst away in a fun and inclusive atmosphere.   

💛  Blair Horse Trials and Country Fair is a highlight of the British equestrian season offering a range of Eventing classes from 90 to 4*, mounted games, showing competitions and displays.  The young riders on the mounted games squad will compete against their Scottish pony club rivals whilst Eventers will face rival British teams in the FEI105 and CCIP2*S competition.   

💛 The Trust will organise and fund the programme.  Leading equestrian coaches will provide training for eventing and mounted games. In addition there will be educational modules  for personal development, first aid, horse welfare and teambuilding. The riders will also receive help and advice on preparing themselves and their ponies for international travel. 


The Trustees’ intentions are that Tiggy’s own inspirational qualities will be hallmarks of this trip, and that the riders taking part will forge lasting memories and friendships.


Tiggy’s Trust Rider Development programme

💛 The programme is targeted at young equestrians (u16) and is particularly focussed on providing opportunities for children who would not otherwise have the opportunity to travel abroad to compete. It intends to foster Tiggy’s values of inclusivity, kindness and sportsmanship in the participants and to encourage them to express these values in their daily life. 

💛 The aim is to enhance confidence and wellbeing through participation in personal, equestrian and group activities, together with a big trip to an overseas competition. 


💛 We plan to empower young equestrians to make a difference, and to value and respect  people equally and to encourage the pursuit of excellence in sport through integrity and hard work.

Note: Applications will close on Friday 21st of July.

The Programme

💛 There are 2 parts to the programme. The first part is training and education, and the second part is a group trip to Blair Castle in Scotland where each participant will compete as part of an Irish Squad.

Part 1

Training and Education

💛 This will be a group activity run on 2 separate days at Punchestown Race course.  The emphasis will be on team building and encouraging participants to develop a culture of togetherness and team spirit.  This will be achieved through a range of activities both equestrian and team building.


💛 The equestrian training will be delivered by qualified coaches in each discipline which will be Pony Club games and Eventing in 2023.

💛 In addition to the equestrian training there will be classroom based sessions to cover topics such as:

  • Personal and social awareness, and wellbeing.

  • First Aid

  • Horse Welfare

Dates to be confirmed.

Part 2

Travel abroad to compete at the Blair Castle International Horse Trials and Country Fair - 24th-27th August 2023

💛 Tiggys Trust will organise the travel of the horses and their equipment to the event in Scotland.  Parents and children will be supported and mentored each step of the way by a team experienced in travelling to international events.  This team will ensure that participants are confident in what is involved in travelling with their horses to an event abroad and support them and their families to ensure that everyone has a very happy experience.  

💛 The horses will be stabled at the venue, and Tiggy Trust will have a basecamp for all the participants to stay together and support each other.

💛 The trip will be facilitated, as much as possible, by Tiggy’s Trust, to include coordination of travel, paperwork, accommodation, basecamp setup on site, training and competition timetable while in Scotland, social entertainment and some special guests.

Travel dates to be confirmed.

Note for eventers
The team event for eventers will include those who compete over both the FEI 105 course and the CCIP2*S course both of which will be up to standard and technical.

Costs to be covered by the Trust

The trust will cover the cost of the following ;

  1. Training days in Punchestown

  2. Horse transport to Blair, including all the necessary documentation and vet certs etc.

  3. Stabling and tack/feed facilities at Blair

  4. Base camp for the participants at Blair, including Mess tent lighting etc,

  5. Support for the participants and parents at Blair

  6. Sweatshirts and xcountry tops for the riders (Kindly sponsored by PC racewear)

  7. Entry fees

The participants will cover the cost of the following

  • Travel for participants and their families
  • Camping materials – tents etc
  • Alternate accommodation for anyone not camping
  • Horse Feed and bedding 
  • Travel Insurance, Personal accident and Public Liability and horse insurance

How to apply for the Programme

To apply to participate in the programme please fill in the attached form and return it to us. Preference will be given to children in their last year of ponies as this will be their final opportunity to travel.